Exclusive basement bathrooms

Different types of basement bathrooms

Just a few years ago such bathroom equipment as a shower, was hardly known and available only for the most prosperous part of the world’s population. It is considered to be a real luxury for rich mansions.

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Nowadays the majority of people choose a shower instead of a bath. And there are many reasons for this decision. First of all a shower significantly helps to save space in your bathroom, and also we can’t but mention that it reduces the water costs much.

Basement bathrooms ideas

So what types of showers are there in the modern market of bathroom equipment? What should we choose?

Basement bathrooms in an apartment

Studying the types of showers, we can’t but mention the part, which is very important part. It is a basement, of course, on which the cab is mounted.

Basement bathrooms in gray tones

All in all as to their depth basement bathrooms are divided into:

  • flat – 0-5 cm;
  • shallow – from 10 to 18 cm;
  • deep – 45 cm.

Basement bathrooms in mansion

They can also be distinguished depending on the material from which they have been made.


As a rule basement bathrooms have a non-slip surface, and the colors are often matched the color of the accessories or the cabin walls, creating a stylish ensemble.

Contemporary basement bathrooms

Let’s discover the most typical features of every kind.

Cast iron and steel basement bathrooms

Cast iron and steel basements have enamel coating, which may be scratched and injured so easily. Also the cast iron ones are considered to be not so noisy as compared to the steel ones.  And at the same time the cast iron saves heat for longer period of time.

Corner basement bathrooms

Ceramic basement bathrooms

Ceramic basements are durable and ideal as to its hygiene. You can care these materials without any troubles. They keep their brightness for a long time.

Creative basement bathrooms

However, they are quite fragile, as any ceramics. Another disadvantage is low thermal conductivity. Because of this reason the basement is initially cold, it is not always pleasant to stand in the shower barefoot. But you can always use special rubber mats, made of high-slip material with the addition of antibacterial components. This thing will make the basement surface pleasant to the touch and more stable.

Exclusive basement bathrooms

Acrylic basement bathrooms

Acrylic is a relatively new material, which is always warm to the touch, has a temperature of ambient air and non-slip surface. So it is considered to be a real champion of sales.

Minimalist basement bathroom

Because of its pliability you can give this material any shape you like. The basement bathrooms of this kind are light, strong enough and do not change their original color. Scratches are easily corrected by a special paste rubbing. In order to provide additional rigidity the designers can also use the aluminum frame.

More photos

Modern basement bathrooms in two shades

Modern basement bathrooms

Romantic basement bathrooms

Simple basement bathrooms

Small basement bathroomsSophisticated basement bathrooms design

WarrenAv basement bathroom

Wide basement bathrooms

Aylmer basement bathrooms

Basement bathroom lighting idea


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