Commercial bathroom sink in two shades

Different kinds of commercial bathroom sinks

There are some types of commercial bathroom sinks. All of them are rather different and, of course, have their own advantages and disadvantages. And now let’s talk about the pros and cons of every model.

Commercial bathroom sink in two shades

Furniture sink

Advantages: Furniture commercial bathroom sinks can be built in a table top made of any material, including wood and laminate. As the sink itself is arranged lower than the table top and the edges covers of the table sides, so the risk of surface water damaging is really minimal.

Commercial bathroom sinks for schools

Disadvantages: You won’t be able to wipe away any water which is accidentally spilled on the board. The edges of the commercial bathroom sinks won’t allow to do this.

Commercial bathroom sinks plain look

Built-in commercial bathroom sink

Advantages: The construction seems quite invisible. Water and drops that fall on the table top, can be brushed away directly into the sink without any soaking. All in all it is really easier to clean a table top with built-in sink.

Contemporary commercial bathroom sinks

Disadvantages: Built-in commercial bathroom sink can be set only in a table top made of durable materials, including stone. In this case laminate is unsuitable as the water will damage the surface. The process of sink setting is more expensive.


Wall-mounted sink

Advantages: Wall-mounted sink does not require any furniture below. So it saves a lot of space. All the pipes through which the water is supplied and discharged, are hidden in the wall. As a result the appearance of the room is more aesthetic.

Exclusive commercial bathroom sinks

Disadvantages: Under such a sink there is no any storage space, as its setting does not involve the vanity presence. Before setting, you should think whether you need any extra space for all sorts of little things or not. Perhaps, this model from the range of commercial bathroom sinks will be suitable for toilet rooms arranged in cafes, restaurants or hotels.

Grey commercial bathroom sinks

Pedestal sink

Advantages: The pedestal is set on the floor, which is arranged just under the sink. In genaral it is used for the drain pipe hiding. It has an aesthetic appearance and is suitable for classical design. Best of all it is suited for bathrooms in temporary accommodation premises.

Long commercial bathroom sinks

Disadvantages: It is necessary to ensure that you don’t need any additional storage space. In addition, you will need some efforts to wash the floor around the pedestal, as between it and the wall there always be a space where dirt accumulates.

Luxury commercial bathroom sinks

Flat sink

Advantages: As a rule flat commercial bathroom sinks require very little space, so they are considered to be ideal for bathrooms with limited space, such as a toilet room. They are made of ceramics, glass and porcelain, sometimes even from granite, marble and rare stones.

Modern commercial bathroom sinks

Disadvantages: Flat sinks are suitable for bathrooms, which can be used only for hand washing. They are not sold with fixtures, in addition, they are so flat that are not able to retain water.

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