Brown alcove tub

Could you install the alcove tub in your bathroom?

Do you have a private house or an apartment arranged on the first floor? Are you going to make a repair? What about an alcove bathtub then? In the modern world this type of bathroom equipment is considered to be the most popular one.


However, alcove tubs are very different from the standard ones and have their own pros and cons. The main advantage is a visual space saving. Then we can’t but mention that alcove bathtub is so appreciated because it always looks harmonious and attractive in any interior. The only disadvantage is that the technical installation of this model is a rather complicated.

Alcove tub in front of the window

Main features

The main differences of alcove bathtubs from the traditional ones are the bottom configuration and size. The most part has a pretty impressive structure and a flat bottom.

Alcove tub in marine style

The second difference of this model is represented by the floor drains arranged on the inner side surfaces. They are necessary for preventing water splashing from the tub to the floor or the podium.

Brown alcove tub

The configuration and functions

According to the specialist’s point of view, alcove bathtub can be more suitable for a country house. Why? – Because of their size and form, of course.

Cocoon alcove tub

As to their shape the bathtubs can be:

  • rectangular;
  • corner;
  • round.

The most popular are the round alcove bathtubs. They are able to create a really luxurious interior.

Cozy alcove tub in a romantic bathroom

As a rule the modern alcove bathtub has different additional functions, the most popular of which are the following:

  • Jacuzzi;
  • lighting;
  • coronation;
  • hydro massage;
  • Sea waves imitation.

Gray alcove tub

Because of these functions the installation should be carried out rather carefully. In addition you should be rather careful with electricity connections and provide an access for the repair or replacement.

Interesting alcove tub


As well as the standard bathtub models, the alcove ones are made of different materials.

Large alcove tub

So they can be

  • cast iron;
  • steel;
  • acrylic.

Modern alcove tub

By the way from acrylic it is possible to make a bathtub of absolutely any size and shape, so nowadays this material is considered to be the most popular one.  Acrylic alcove bathtubs have excellent thermal insulation, so the water usually cools down slowly. Steel baths are also in high demand.

Romantic alcove tub

People with conservative views prefer cast iron models. Their weight is really huge, but the container is characterized by high reliability and durability. Choosing such a heavy bathtub you have to install the special supporting structure.

Small apartment alcove tub

Installation conditions

Alcove bathtub is not suitable for an urban apartment. In a private house such model is usually chosen for a spacious bathroom of the ground floor or even the basement.

More photos

Sophisticated alcove tub

Strict alcove tubUpper look alcove tubWhite alcove tubBeautiful alcove tub in modern bathroomAlcove tub in a bathroom of two shadesAlcove tub in comtemporary bathroom

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