19 Keeway Vanity Cabinet With Vessel Sink And Mirror

Choosing a vessel vanity cabinet matching your bathroom design

A vessel vanity cabinet is usually a lovely cabinet with a bowl-like vessel installed over its top.

24 Frisco Vessel Sink Vanity Cabinet With Mirror

The vessel may be made of stone, glass or metal. Some of these elegant bathroom vessel vanity cabinets feature two bowl sinks. This unique design makes it possible using these stylish units in bathrooms which are used in large families.

30 Vanity Cabinet For Vessel Sink

The most “traditional” design of these units is antique. These vessels are mostly made of marble which reminds us about Roman times, another units are finished in copper or bronze.

48 Vanity Cabinet For Vessel Sink

Fashionable vessel sink cabinets despite their luxurious and sometimes even glamorous look are very functional. The spacious cabinets storages, drawers and shelves can fit in much stuff which is used in bathroom – linen, towels, bottles with liquid soap and shampoo, paper towels, cosmetics and whatnot.

Apothecary Vanity Cabinet Vessel Sink

Antique and French Provence wooden white vessel vanity cabinets match bathrooms with off-white and pastel colors walls and stylish shower curtains insted of a shower door. A modern vanity cabinet for vessel sink, vice versa, “demand” huge luxurious sliding frameless doors with metal trim and contemporary finish.

Bathroom Vanity Cabinet With Vessel Sink

Large mirrors which are mounted over these vanities with vessel sinks should better reflect elegant interior. Thus always keep your bathroom clean. The storage of the vanity cabinet will help you hiding most of small items you use in bathroom and help in getting rid of this room clutter very easily and fast.

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