Small Japanese toilet seat

Japanese toilet seat and the type of the toilet flush

So, you have bought a modern Japanese toilet seat. Or perhaps you are just going to purchase it. Of course, your choice is ideal. It is very important to have modern, comfortable, and high-quality bathroom equipment at home.

Covers for Japanese toilet seat

But have you already thought about the toilet bowl to which you should install your seat? That is a really important question, which has to be discussed from the very beginning.

Decorated Japanese toilet seat


Nowadays according to the specialists’ point of view the most reliable is flushing mechanism in which the button is pushed inwardly, not pulled out. Apparently this is due to the fact that, pulling, we put great effort, causing different kinds of damages.

Equipped Japanese toilet seat


What about smells? It is of common knowledge that any bathroom and toilet have to be cleaned regularly. And if you don’t want to turn your cleaning into boring and endless activity, the experts recommend choosing your bathroom equipment properly. There are many different materials for making toilets, but today the most common are porcelain and faience.


Sanitary ware is cheaper than products made of porcelain, but they are less durable. Porcelain has less porous structure, it absorbs smells and dirt less and that is why you can clean it easily.

Exclusuve Japanese toilet seat

Porcelain equipment will serve you from 50-60 years, whereas sanitary ware only 30-40. However, nowadays modern manufacturers began to use new technologies firing sanitary ware. It reduced its porosity, and thus prolongs the service life.

Interesting Japanese toilet seat

Would you like something unusual? What about installing your Japanese toilet seat on the bowl made of gold, silver or even stone bathroom equipment instead of using the same boring sanitary ware? Oh, that is not a problem, but you should be rather careful choosing unusual type of material.

Interior Japanese toilet seat

For example, despite of all the beauty and monumentality, stone has several disadvantages that make using of the toilet quite impossible. Natural stone absorbs odors and dirt; moreover, it requires special care and expensive restoration.

Interior modern Japanese toilet seat

If you really want this type for your Japanese toilet seat, you can order a bowl made of artificial stone, which almost doesn’t have any drawbacks except one – its artificiality.

Japanese toilet buttons

Toilet bowl made of stainless steel is considered to be inexpensive and rather original one. These toilets are appreciated for strength, but put usually in public places.

Japanese toilet seat buttons

Lightweight plastic meets the requirements of hygiene and has a high safety factor, but requires special care. Choosing it, you won’t be able to use any abrasive and hard brushes; otherwise the surface of your toilet will be scratched. Besides it, acrylic products can not stand high temperatures.

Japanese toilet seat in narrow toilet

So that is up to you to decide which toilet seat to choose. According to the specialists’ point of view, its color, size and shape are not very important.

Japanese toilet seat lid

The main thing is that it should be comfortable, because every morning, any man does not begin with coffee as advertisers tell. He or she begins the day from going to the toilet, so try to make this starting comfortable.

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Contemporary Japanese toilet seat

Exclusive portable bidet

Main features of portable bidet

Portable bidet is much more hygienic and effective than regular toilet paper. This device is ideal for maintaining proper hygiene after using the toilet.

Bottle portable bidet

Up to the present moment this is the best version of the traditional bidet, which is able to provide a proper cleaning control aw well as regulated water flow.

Elements of portable bidet

Having a portable bidet, a person can completely forget about the toilet paper. All that he or she will needed is a dry towel.

Elements portable bidet

By the way, a portable bidet has become popular because of the convenient way to its installation. In order to fix it, the owner does not need any help of professionals. Even an ordinary person is able to do it.


Many customers say that there is a double benefit of its using. First of all, in this case you will be able to save a sum of money. And the idea of having an eco-friendly bathroom equipment is also rather pleasant.

Empty portable bidet

Nowadays many people do everything possible in order to protect the environment. If all over the world everybody used a portable bidet instead of toilet paper, a lot of trees wouldn’t be cut.

Exclusive portable bidet

Let’s try to summarize the information mntioned above. So, getting a portable bidet, you:

  • get an opportunity to use one of the most effective ways to achieve personal hygiene;
  • do not need any toilet paper, saving significant amounts of money;
  • prevent inflammatory hemorrhoid processes that occur, as a rule, when you are using toilet paper;
  • are able to wash you toilet easily and simply, using a sprayer of portable bidet;
  • take part in the preservation of the planet’s forests.

Fixable portable bidet

In general, there are not many models of portable bidets, so if you are going to buy this bathroom equipment, you should pay close attention to some of the nuances.


Taps must be perfectly regulated and provide the necessary pressure in the water supply.

Healthcare portable bidet


Mind the fact that the pipes are not always included in the cheaper model kits. In this case, you will have to buy them. Typically, the pipes are made of soft PVC. The more expensive and high-quality models are made of stainless steel.

Interior portable bidet

The material in general

Of course, the material from which the portable bidet is made is very important. And it affects not only the appearance of the device, but also its quality and the service life.

Ordinary portable bidet

Most sprayers are made of durable plastic, which are covered with chromium. As a result, this bathroom equipment will serve you for a long time without breaking or scratching.

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Portable bidet using

Private portable bidet

Sanitary portable bidet

Small portable bidet

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Two-colored portable bidet sprayer

Variants of portable bidet sprayer

White portable bidet

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Bathroom portable bidet

Bidet attachment for disabled people

How to organize bidet and its attachments

Nowadays it has become possible to suspend any bathroom equipment with the help of special installation systems, which serve as supporting structures for heavy objects.

Comfortable bidet attachment

So let’s look at the benefits of the wall bidets, and try to find some disadvantages if there are any.


It is believed that the built-in bidet attachments as well as the device itself take up less space, but it is not true. The matter is that its depth varies from 12 to 22 cm. To this we must add the thickness of the plasterboard lining, to what you should place your installation.

Details of bidet attachment

The depth of the bidet is usually up to 52 cm, thus the total depth of the whole construction is 72 cm. That is the same as a conventional non-insertable device has.

Easy bidet attachment

Therefore, in the small bathrooms, where there is no access to the sewers, it is more convenient to use the ordinary models from 54 to 62 cm.

Safety factor

Fixing system should be chosen rather carefully, as it has to carry the largest load. Modern installations can withstand up to 400 kg! The main thing is set it properly.

Easy installation of bidet attachment

The modification depends on the type of wall junction. Main wall is able to carry all the structure. But the installation systems for supporting walls and partitions should be additionally attached to the floor in order to relieve the wall as much as possible. The same matter concerns the bidet attachments.

How does a bidet attachment look like

The set construction is “sewn up”. The only thing you will be able to see is the rectangular opening for the proper access to the hidden cistern mechanism. This hole is closed with a decorative panel on which a discharge button arranges.

Hybrid bidet attachment

What is better a floor or a wall bidet?

That is a modern dilemma. What bidet is better, a floor or a wall one? Of course, everything depends on the particular situation and personal preferences. For example, hotels are now equipped with wall bidet on default. There their use is certainly justified, because under the bowl there is unoccupied floor that is easy to be cleaned. Behind the floor bidet there is a so called “dead” zone, which is hardly accessible for cleaning.

Modern bidet attachment

Wall bidet: unquestionable advantages

Today, manufacturers offer hybrid models, which are represented by hanging toilet bowls-bidets, equipped with the latest technologies of bidet attachment. In addition to the sensor they have air cleaning systems, automatic cleaning nozzle, built-in heater, adjustable hair dryer, toilet seat and lid with a function of smooth lowering, remote control with LCD display.

Ordinary bidet attachment
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Pipe for bidet attachment

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Warm bidet attachment fixing way

Warm bidet attachment switches

Warm bidet attachment

Bidet attachment fixing

Bidet attachment for disabled people

Items for bidet sprayer fixing

Bidet sprayer and the common types of this bathroom equipment

Today bidet sprayer becomes the same common attribute of the bathroom as the sink or toilet.

Bidet sprayer kit

Usually for large premises floor or hung bidets will be suitable, and for small ones, it will be better to install a toilet bowl-bidet or a special lid fixed on a regular bathroom equipment.


In many respects a bidet resembles a toilet seat. But it has a more elongated shape and no cistern, in a place of which there are valves of hot / cold water and a faucet equipped with a special form spout. The last one allows carrying out the procedure for which the bidet is intended.

Bidet sprayer switches

Water can be supplied both from above and under the edge of the bowl. It must be said that the oval shape of the construction is the most convenient and practical one, but it is not mandatory, of course.

Bidet sprayer using

Bidet faucet

As it was mentioned above there are two types of bidet: the floor and the wall one. In the simplest construction of water supply is represented by a twin valve, mounted on the bidet wall. The temperature and the pressure are adjusted as in an ordinary valve.

Combo bidet sprayer

More expensive models are equipped with a thermostat. They maintain the set temperature mode. The only thing you should do is to regulate the pressure.

Exclusive bidet sprayer

There are faucets which are able to create different types of a jet: normal, soft, air-saturated, intense and throbbing. They have various bidet sprayers.

Hand held bidet sprayer

By the way, in the most cases the faucet for wall bidet is taken separately.

Hand held bidet sprayer on tank

As a rule, a bidet and a toilet should create a common ensemble. That’s why the shape of a bidet can be as intricate as a toilet one.

Installation manual of hand bidet

People who have a small bathroom, but do not want to avoid any comfort, can purchase special models, which are called monoblocks. They are represented by toilets, combined with a bidet in a special way: two independent seats with a common connection to the water supply and sewage system.

Items for bidet sprayer fixing

Toilet bidet

That is a hybrid. On the first sight this model is a little different from the usual toilet. However, it is equipped with oversized cistern, in which, in addition to water, there is a special system of electronic management.

Ordinary bidet sprayer

This toilet seat turns into a bidet by pressing a special button. From under the far side of the bowl appears a pipe with a hole from which a fountain is created. The temperature and other parameters are preset automatically.

Package bidet sprayer

The main disadvantage is that in most cases it is necessary to hold the button for the entire time of the bidet sprayer using. Sometimes the water heater is located inside the device. It allows you to connect cold water only.

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Quality bidet sprayer details

Shower bidet sprayer black

Shower bidet sprayer

Strong modern bidet sprayer

Stylish bidet sprayer

Switch of bidet sprayer

T-adapter bidet sprayer

Aquaus bidet sprayer

Bidet sprayer elements

Decorative Toilet Seats Elongated

Choosing a new toilet design

Choosing a new toilet design take into account the size of your bathroom and the shape of a toilet bowl. If years ago toilets looked like twins, today you may find an oval unit, U-shaped and and O-shaped seats and change its look and the bathroom design.

Decorative Toilet Seats Elongated

Some designer toilet seats are metal, the other items imitate wood. Materials of the toilets which are offered today also vary – from classic porcelain and ceramic units to metal and even glass ones.

Decorative Toilet Seats Resin

The seats of designer toilets are equipped with special hingers. This innovation helps the owner releasing the seat and cleaning it. It also reduces the “bumps” when you slam the seat.

Decorative Toilet Seats Round

The most expensive models of toilets stay warm when it is cold in the room. However, all these unique models may interest a very few people. The majority need in a good durable and comfortable toilet which is easy to install and to use.

Design Resin Toilet Seats

Thus, a great amount of customers is interested in very cheap toilets for sale. Of course, each one wishes to get a good quality unit for less.

Designer Padded Elongated Toilet Seats

Therefore choosing a new toilet pay attention at the sales in popular companies which recommended themselves at the market as the best manufacturers.

Designer Toilet Seat Leopard Skin Print

Shop for toilets in specialized stores or in warehouses. Toilet can’t be bought “used” – you need to search only in the stores dealing with plumbing fixtures, toilets, bowls and seats.

Designer Toilet Seats Elongated

These stores announce about sales beforehand, so you need to follow the advertisements in local newspapers and on TV.

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Examples Of Tiled Shower Stalls

Benefits of tiled shower stalls

Bathrooms should be waterproof and tiled shower stalls provide this feature. Ceramic tiles have been the classic decision chosen for your bathroom. They are never out of fashion.

Open Tiled Shower Stalls

Choosing tile shower stalls you pick durable and long lasting variant for your bathroom. Probably the unit you are going to install is not trendy for the time you do it, but this will be a really timeless project.

Photos Of Tiled Shower Stalls

Additionally, if you worry about the more contemporary look of your home, and bathroom in particular, the modern stores offer the tiles which imitate stones, wood and the other material which will add more contemporary look to your interior. The tiled shower enclosures are easy in maintenance.

Pictures Of Tiled Shower Stalls

You can wash tiles with usual baking soda or regular soap, and the surface will be always as clean as it was when the shower was installed. Installing a tile shower cubicle, do not worry much the project is going to be more costy than the plastic shower stall or even an acrylic one.

Prefab Tiled Shower Stalls

Additionally, you should be ready that tile installation will demand at least a week of your time. As the result you will get a wonderful extra durable shower unit which will serve your family for several decades.

Small Tiled Shower Stalls

In will never go out of fashion due to its classic look. The cabin of a tile shower looks attractive, even if you pick the modest monochrome tile. Tile shower will last for long, therefore avoid picking up bold colors, otherwise too odd and bright tones may start irritating you.

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Contemporary toilet

Do you know who invented the toilet bowl?

Modern toilets has thousands years old history. During the archaeological excavations in the Orkney Islands in the coast of Scotland in the stone walls of the ancient houses the researchers found the special holes, which were connected with gutters, as well as the remains of sewer pipes.

Ancient toilet paper

These findings proved to be latrines, the age of which, according to some estimates, is about 10 thousand years old. This fact relates them to the Neolithic period. Today, they are considered to be the most ancient ones on our planet.


More recent discoveries which were made during excavations on the banks of the Indus River constitute a complex drainage system through which the sewage went outside the city. At that time a toilet was a brick or stone box with a wooden seat.

Contemporary toilet for kids

The history of modern toilets began in ancient Greece and developed by the ancient Romans. The famous Roman drain CLOACA Maxima, which was created approx. 500 BC, there is to this day.

Contemporary toilet

The first public paid toilet was arranged before our era in the city Hieropolise. At the time, only the noble men could use the toilet. The toilet was arranged on the main shopping street, and was sort of a place for active communication.

Distroyed old toilet

The ruler of Rome, Emperor Vespasian decided to replenish the city treasury by making a toilet accessible to all men of the city for a small fee. The history says that the emperor shared this idea with his son, who didn’t like the idea to make money on toilets.

Exclusive toilet sign

The governor realized its project and received the first benefits. It was said that this man shook a bag with money in the face of his son and asked “Do you like a smell?” – “But there is no any,” – the son answered. Then the wise father said, “Money does not smell!”

First toilet factory

With the decline of the Roman Empire, people lost a lot of important inventions, including the principles of sanitation. Sewerage systems were destroyed. The ordinary pot played the role of the toilet and its contents was splashed onto the street.

First toilet manual

But finally, in 1775 the Briton named Alexander Cummings guessed to bend discharge pipe of the toilet bowl with the letter U, a small amount of water in it did not issue a smell. A scientist called Doulton invented the cistern, fastening on a wall high above the toilet bowl. Many people know the system flushing “Pull the rope” was invented by the Englishman Thomas Krepper.

Gold toilet of crazy rich people

Who invented the toilet bowl? – Initially the first porcelain toilets of modern construction were created by Spanish company UNITAS. In 1915 the first cisterns appeared and we use them up to the present moment.

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