Bath and kitchen remodeling

General rules for bathroom makeovers

Are you going to do some bathroom makeovers? Have you already had any special plan? – We will give you some pieces of advice for small bathroom.


First of all mind that organizing this room you create it as laconic as possible. The same thing concerns the equipment. Thus, the toilet and sink must be rather compact. First of all pay attention to the simplest styles, as they are not overloaded with decorative elements.

Photo of castle kitchen and bath remodeling

When you are planning the kitchen and bath remodeling, you should pay attention to every detail. Usually people mind the size of the objects, but their color is also very important.

Complete kitchen and bath remodeling

If you want to enlarge your room visually, according to the traditional designers’ point of view it is necessary to choose mostly glossy surfaces of light shades. However, there is no need to create the interior in one tone. An excellent choice will be a combination of two shades of the same color.

Look at this Evans kitchen and bath remodeling

But mind that the lighter tone should be prevailed.

Globe bath and kitchen remodeling

No matter whether your bathroom is big or small, in any case the interior will be incomplete without a mirror. It won’t only perform a utilitarian function, but will expand the space visually. In order to achieve this result choose as big mirror as it is possible. You will be really surprised by the effect.

Photo of Hilton head kitchen and bath remodeling

Bathroom is often finished with tiles. For small rooms it is better to choose a rectangular shape of medium size with a light glossy surface. In oder to stretch the room visually, place the tile horizontally.

Kitchen and bath remodeling atlanta

Avoid volume lampshades as well as lamps. Instead of this, choose spotlights.

But without ay decor your bathroom will look unattractive and cold. Naturally, a small room doesn’t have to have a great amount of ornaments, but some bright accents are necessary.

Kitchen and bath remodeling by contractors

Frankly speaking, one elemet will be enough. This may be an ornament on the mirror or a mosaic on the walls.

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Bath and kitchen remodeling

Two baday toilet

Why do we need baday toilet?

Baday toilet is represented by a small bath or a low sink, and is considered to be as hygiene bathroom equipment as for example, a washbasin.

Baday toilet in small premise

The difference lies in the fact that in bidet water does not flow downward as from the tap, but like a fountain up from the bottom. Using this fountain can replace us a toilet paper.


This equipment is mainly used in European countries. For example, in Spain, Italy and France it is installed in almost every home. The same can be said about some Asian countries. The most popularity bidet has got in Japan, there it can be found not only in residential homes, but even in the greatest part of hotels.

Baday toilet in the bathroom

So, as we can see, this is a well-known fixture for the bathroom, which is usually used in addition to the toilet. By the way bidet is sometimes called as hygiene shower. Like a shower it has hot and cold water, and the necessary temperature can be regulated by mixing faucet.

Baday toilet

Where are bidet sanitary equipments usually arranged? – According to the specialists’ point of view, it will be better to set it in the bathroom and near the toilet. But it should be noted that setting a bidet can be accompanied by some difficulties. Perhaps in order to set a bidet you will need to do a re-planning.

Bathroom bidet toilet

Bidet allows us to maintain personal hygiene. However, one should also keep in mind that this equipment also requires regular and timely care. Many people compare a bidet with ordinary toilet. It is nothing but a mistake. In fact, it is more correct to compare this device with a bath or a sink.

Bidet and a square toilet

Modern bidet can perform a variety of different functions. For example, you can use it for washing your feet. Generally, a bidet is a very comfortable bath, which can be used for bathing the babies. This equipment is a useful and necessary thing for those who have difficulty with taking the bathroom. That is why it is often used by elderly people, whose physical activity is sometimes restricted. Also it is very convenient to use a bidet by those who have any injuries which do not allow taking a shower.

Bidet seat

But how to take it in a proper way? – Many people believe that it is much more convenient to sit back to the taps. Generally, this is a matter of taste. Everyone decides how to use the bidet. But you shouldn’t think that after buying a bidet you will take it instead of having a shower or a bath.

Ceramic bidet toilet

A bidet can be often found in hospitals. This bathroom equipment helps sick men or women to maintain personal hygiene that is really very important.

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Modern bidet toilet

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Baday toilet equipment

Children toilet seat warmer

Toilet seat warmer and other useful information

Modern toilets are quite different. They can be small or large, wide and narrow. But there are things, which are common all over the world, for example, toilet seats. And now we are going to discuss them.

Central heating in the bathroom

Most often on the toilet lid repeats the shape of the seat, so it is a semi-oval one. This is a familiar, secure and rather convenient form.

Children toilet seat warmer

But for fans of unusual thing the modern shops offer products other configurations: rectangular or chopped, in the form of a frog or a duck, musical instruments or heart. Sharp corners are slightly round for safety reasons so you won’t be able to hurt yourself or to torn your clothing.


There are seats for children who are provided with an intermediate liner with a small hole, or equipped with a special falling seat.

Decorative toilet seat warmer

This optional accessory will help teach your child to be neat and tidy. The child seat is desirable to acquire together with stand, with the help of which the baby will be easier to sit on the toilet seat. Your feet will stand on a pedestal and not hang in the air. By the way almost all baby seats are created in different colors, shapes and sizes.

Details for toilet seat warmer

For those who like travelling portable folding seats come in handy on the road, in fact you have to use it in a public toilet. Folded toilet seat takes very little space and, if necessary, it can be rapidly expanded and installed on a toilet bowl by means of special clamps which firmly fix this seat and do not provide the ability to move from side to side.

Electronic toilet seat warmer

For people with disabilities, there are some lids with upholstered seat and folding chair arms which can be used like supports. Chair arms help people with disabilities or elderly ones to sit down and stand up without any troubles. Some of the toilets are equipped with the necessary height adjustment.

How to fix toilet seat warmer

For the using comfort some types of this bathroom equipment are equipped with function of toilet seat warmer, automatic lid opening, flushing, air cleaning and getting rid of odors, as well as background music etc.

How to use you toilet

In addition to differences in design, size, material all toilet seats contain plastic or rubber reducers. Usually they can be not less than 4. Plastic shock reducers are mainly performed as a single unit with the lavatory seat.

Interesting design toilet seat warmer

Today, many manufacturers of sanitary equipment produce bowls with toilet seat warmer. That is why many people all over the world can choose any model they like.

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Kids'  toilet seat warmer

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Toilet seat warmer

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Bag for toilet seat warmer

Blue toilet seat warmer

French toilet seat

Jacob Delafon – a typical type of French toilets

Of course, there is a great variety of different types of French toilets, but now we would like to tell about the most popular ones. Contemporary models Jacob Delafon are considered to be the most amazing. Why? – Because of their own distinctive characteristics, of course.

Commercial French toilets

Talking like that we are taking into account their design, dimensions, and features of installation and operation.

Eco-friendly French toilet paper holder

Let’s discuss everything depending on the following parameters of French for toilet.

French toilet paper holder

Installation mode


This is the classic version, the most common type of sanitary devices used in modern apartments and houses. Ceramic floor toilets do not require the using of any special mounting devices and are easy to maintain and to operate.

French toilet in restroom


This is the true achievement of modern toilet plumbing. When you are installing a hanging toilet, the cistern is mounted in a special niche in the wall with the help of the installation system. These constructions are considered the most available. Despite their apparent fragility, they are able to withstand loads up to 400 kg.

French toilet in commercial premise

Wall attachable

The choice of wall attachable white toilets can significantly extend the range of design solutions used in the bathrooms. The adjacent decorative panel lets you hide all the communication and wall disadvantages formed after installation.

French toilet interior design

Water flushing mode

One-button mechanism

In this case, the flushing process is started with just one click. When the water in the cistern entirely ends the flushing will stop on its own.

French toilet seat

Two-buttons mechanism

This system saves water and allows you to not contaminate sewer by excessive floats. Pressing one button you will use 2-4 liters of water, the other – 6-8 liter.

French toilet style decoration

It should also be noted that the required toilet flushing construction – vertical, horizontal, angled – is taken depending on the configuration that is already provided in the house.


Toilet bowl installation

The installation is represented by construction, allowing you to attach and connect your toilet securely to the sewage system.

French toilet typical look for commercial premises

Framework installation is an independent structure, fixed to the floor and the wall of any shape. It is a system of rigid metal frames, on which pipes, fittings, etc are installed. Floor is taken the main load.

French toilet seat demensions

Toilet seat

Nowadays, taking care of customers comfort the manufacturers create a lot of cover-heated seats. Some toilet seats are equipped with lifter mechanism or “gradual lowering”.

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Amazing French toilet paper holdersCommercial French toilet

Bidet use

How does a bidet work?

Many modern people still do not know how to use the bidet. Of course, the main rules mean that you need to go to the toilet before, and only then use this important bathroom equipment. The main purpose of bidet is to wash yourselves after all the toilet procedures.


But how does a bidet work? – Many people believe that it is requested to sit on a bidet like facing the faucet. But in fact, it is a matter of taste and convenience and it is not canon, of course. It’s just a matter of rationality and expediency. Some of us say that the most convenient way in the use of a bidet is to sit with the back to the wall and cranes.

Bidet use easy way

By the way do not forget that bidet is not a substitute procedure for taking a shower or a bath! Mind that the most people who use the bidet have showers or bathtubs and get a shower regularly. However, the use of a bidet allows you to not take your shower more often than necessary and avoids the tiring procedure of bath and shower tray cleaning.

Bidet use in your bathroom

Of course, the broadest bidet purpose is for the elderly or people with different kinds of disabilities. And for people suffering with hemorrhoids, which, unfortunately, affects now up to 99% of those who have office-sitting jobs, bidet becomes necessary matter of life and death, as a vulnerable area must be protected from any traumatic effects. By the way that is why they have to use even the softest toilet paper.

Bidet use manual for kids

Hospitals are often equipped with bidets. The reason of maintaining the personal hygiene in these places is obvious.

Bidet use

Culture bidet use in different countries

Using a bidet is a common procedure in many countries in Europe, for example, in France, Spain, Italy and Greece. In its turn, in Latin America, especially in Uruguay and Argentina, where bidets are in the houses or apartments of about 90% of the local population.

Contemporary bidet use

In the Middle East and parts of Asia you can also meet this bathroom equipment. Bidet is particularly popular in Japan, where the electronic bidet toilets are often installed in private homes and hotels. In Japan, for example, a bidet is so natural thing that the “convenience” is often installed even in public city toilets.

Electronic bidet use

By the way, in 1980, the mass production of the first “paperless toilet” was launched namely in Japan. But at that time it was a combination of toilet and bidet, which also dried you after washing.

How not to use a bidet

Nowadays, it is difficult to express how the combined bidet toilet seats are requesten and  popular in Japan. Different models of electronic toilet, equipped with a bidet, are installed at about 60% of  local homes!

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Exclusive basement bathrooms

Different types of basement bathrooms

Just a few years ago such bathroom equipment as a shower, was hardly known and available only for the most prosperous part of the world’s population. It is considered to be a real luxury for rich mansions.

washroom house home sink

Nowadays the majority of people choose a shower instead of a bath. And there are many reasons for this decision. First of all a shower significantly helps to save space in your bathroom, and also we can’t but mention that it reduces the water costs much.

Basement bathrooms ideas

So what types of showers are there in the modern market of bathroom equipment? What should we choose?

Basement bathrooms in an apartment

Studying the types of showers, we can’t but mention the part, which is very important part. It is a basement, of course, on which the cab is mounted.

Basement bathrooms in gray tones

All in all as to their depth basement bathrooms are divided into:

  • flat – 0-5 cm;
  • shallow – from 10 to 18 cm;
  • deep – 45 cm.

Basement bathrooms in mansion

They can also be distinguished depending on the material from which they have been made.


As a rule basement bathrooms have a non-slip surface, and the colors are often matched the color of the accessories or the cabin walls, creating a stylish ensemble.

Contemporary basement bathrooms

Let’s discover the most typical features of every kind.

Cast iron and steel basement bathrooms

Cast iron and steel basements have enamel coating, which may be scratched and injured so easily. Also the cast iron ones are considered to be not so noisy as compared to the steel ones.  And at the same time the cast iron saves heat for longer period of time.

Corner basement bathrooms

Ceramic basement bathrooms

Ceramic basements are durable and ideal as to its hygiene. You can care these materials without any troubles. They keep their brightness for a long time.

Creative basement bathrooms

However, they are quite fragile, as any ceramics. Another disadvantage is low thermal conductivity. Because of this reason the basement is initially cold, it is not always pleasant to stand in the shower barefoot. But you can always use special rubber mats, made of high-slip material with the addition of antibacterial components. This thing will make the basement surface pleasant to the touch and more stable.

Exclusive basement bathrooms

Acrylic basement bathrooms

Acrylic is a relatively new material, which is always warm to the touch, has a temperature of ambient air and non-slip surface. So it is considered to be a real champion of sales.

Minimalist basement bathroom

Because of its pliability you can give this material any shape you like. The basement bathrooms of this kind are light, strong enough and do not change their original color. Scratches are easily corrected by a special paste rubbing. In order to provide additional rigidity the designers can also use the aluminum frame.

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Bathroom makeover ideas on a budget

Some tips for small bathroom plans

Frankly speaking small bathroom plans< are considered to be the most difficult ones. Why? – The matter is that, you have to pay attention to a great number of different things, which can seem to be the minute ones at the first sight.


Of course, we are not able to live without a bathroom.

Detailed small bathroom plans

But in any case we want to have a convenient and comfortable room for each family member. – And it is not surprising as our bathroom is a place where we not only carry out our hygienic procedures, but also relax and rest after a hard working day.

Floor plans for small bathroom with shower

Therefore bathroom design should perform several functions.

Free small bathroom floor plans

Here is a list of some useful bathroom makeover ideas:

  • Instead of a large tiles that will only emphasize the small premise it will be better to use the small ones or mosaic;
  • Try to create the smooth areas. Vertical and horizontal lines shouldn’t cut space and the joints shouldn’t be seen. To achieve it use the matching filling paste.
  • If you have decided to take the mosaic instead of tiles, it will be better not to experiment with ornaments. It is really rather difficult to create any big picture and the small ones will bring the atmosphere of a chaos and some mess on the walls.
  • In order to enlarge visually the bathroom space, you can use there a mirror.
  • Those who are not going to conceal the space shouldn’t do any curbs in the bathroom. They will be unsuitable even in that case when they are matching the floor and the walls. This decoration method is not for small rooms.
  • In order not to clutter up the bathroom with all sorts of jars and bottles with cosmetics and detergents, organize a small cabinet under the sink, it will hide all these “utensils”.
  • Cast iron or ceramic bath can be replaced by a corner shower. It will help to save a lot of place. In addition, if you choose a cabin with deep tray, it will be possible to sit waist-deep in the water as in the bath.
  • The space above the bathroom doorway can also be used. For example, you can arrange there a boiler, some shelves or a towel dryer.

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Luxury bathroom sinks

Luxury bathroom for small money

Luxury bathroom isn’t just a place where everything is very expensive and posh. That is a place where you are able to feel relaxed and calm.

Luxury bathroom cabinets

There are ways to create a luxurious bathroom without spending a fortune, so here we have gathered a few basic tips and great ideas that you can use to do some makeovers in your bathroom.


Color Schemes

Carefully consider the colors which you are going to use in your luxury bathroom. If you want to feel like living in a boutique hotel, choose the plain white and cream shades, adding some dark wood. You can also take some accessories made of copper or brass.

Luxury bathroom designs

If you want something more vivid, think about adding geometric prints to your interior designs. Mind that your bathroom shouldn’t be overloaded with a complicated color scheme. Two colors will be quite enough for elegant interior.

Luxury bathroom faucets

Whirlpool bath

If you are ready for more radical changes, such as bathroom replacing, think about rather popular bath with hydro massage then. It’s a great way to give your bathroom some spa features as well as new level of relaxation.

Luxury bathroom fixtures

On a sale you are always able to find this bath at the same price as the standard one. Imagine you relaxing in the Jacuzzi bubbles after a long tiring day. By the way new models can be rather different and you can even choose something that suits even the country bathroom vanities.

Luxury bathroom ideas


Light plays another important role in the color and space atmosphere of the bathroom. Lighting influences your mood. Think about several light sources for different purposes: a morning make-up, rest and relaxation, romance.

Luxury bathroom mats

Modern directional light sources, wall lamps and lights for the bathroom mirror or cabinet always add their own features to your design and bring more professional look to the house or flat. Undoubtedly, it is better to plan the lighting when you are in the early decoration stage.

Luxury bathroom pictures

Why? – Because you can plan the wires and switches in order to provide their convenient location.

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