Bathroom interior design for large premise

How much does a cast iron tub weigh and how can we use it in the modern interior?

According to the specialists’ point of view, you have to pay a great attention to your bathroom interior. Why? –

Classy bathroom interior design

Because it is an important place where people relax after a busy day. In order to turn your bathroom into a cozy place for soul and body relaxation, you should take care of its style. Of course, creating the bathroom interior with your hands, it is necessary to follow the harmony with the overall design.

Dark bathroom interior design

Actual materials for bathroom decoration

Tiles are considered to be the most popular and reliable finishes for the bathroom. In this case the properties of the tile play a great role. It is durable and versatile because it can simulate natural materials. As to the cost ceramic tiles is the most accessible one.


As to the mosaic, it is the most practical material which usually solves the problem of uneven surfaces and is laid on them easily.

Glamour bathroom interior design

All in all the mosaic layout is the easiest way to create the interior of the desired characteristics and flavor. Accordingly, ceramic tile does not compete with a mosaic in terms of self-expanding individual design ideas.

Great bathroom interior design

How much does a cast iron tub weigh? Don’t you know it? Choose the tiles then, it will suit any weight.

Mosaic in the bathroom is the perfect solution

Fashion for organic materials has already spread to the interior of the bathroom. So for the walls and floor tiles it became possible to use the special wood treated with modern technologies.

Light bathroom interior design

The style of the bathroom: from classical to postmodern directions

Classic style is introduced by modest light-colored tiles in combination with a majestic marble texture. Pay attention, that the decorative panels and borders will be appropriate.

Luxury bathroom interior design

Ethno style is represented by finishing of stone or wood or their combinations. In this case it doesn’t matter how much a cast iron tub weigh. – For example, with the help of wicker accessories, you can create the perfect bathroom interior even in the smallest bathroom.

Modern bathroom interior design

Minimalism is primarily a freedom from a great number of unnecessary things. For such a finish you can use glass, steel or even plastic.

Podium bathroom interior design

Modern is an ideal direction for a small bath. Here it is desirably to take different lighting and stylized mirrors. Even the tub can be laid by mirror.

Romantic bathroom interior design

Provence is usually represented by warm pastel colors and floral ornaments. The main condition is a presence of “antique” furniture decor and natural facing materials.

Rustic bathroom interior design

Hi-tech is the variant, when, at first you think that this premise is completely unsuitable for recreation. And only the most experienced people know of the convenience of high-tech, which automates all the conditions for perfect relaxation.

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Small bathroom interior design

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Bathroom interior design for large premise

Heated toilet seat review

Do we need a heated toilet seat?

That is a question, which is usually asked by modern customers. If you want to get an answer it is recommended to discover the construction of your toilet as thoroughly as it is possible.

Contemporary heated toilet seat

Nowadays when there are a lot of models, people often choose a so-called monoblock structure, in which the cistern and the bowl are represented like one unit. This type has many advantages. – First of all, installing it, you won’t have any leakage risks. And it looks rather harmoniously.

Electronic heated toilet seat with bidet

However, the monoblock requires a large space, also in case of cistern or bowl problems you will have to dismantle and replace the entire structure.


Another variant will be suitable for the owners of large houses or apartments. – In this case you can set a toilet combined with a bidet. Manufacturers offer ready-made kits, which are made in a single design, and you can only choose one that will fit into the interior of your bathroom.

Electronic heated toilet seat


If the external dimensions are clear, let’s discover the bowl. This structure should be considered carefully, as the shape of the bowl has a direct impact on the water flush as well as on the comfort using.

Enlarged heated toilet seat

Disc bowl is a somewhat outdated variant; however, it is indispensable for the owners of cats. Why? – The matter is that your pet can also use it. However, it is not very comfortable because of smell spreading.

Enlonged heated toilet seat

In the visor bowls the water goes smoothly at an angle, so nothing will not linger. The funnel-shaped bowls have a steep descent, contributing to an immediate cleansing of the bowl, but the flushing water can be sprayed easily.

Heated toilet seat night light


Cast iron cistern on a long pipe is rather popular and can be seen by everybody. Inside these modern models of toilets have the latest equipment. Another type of cistern fastening is with the help of the collar, when the cistern is hung over the toilet. These cisterns are usually made of plastic.

Heated toilet seat review

But the most reliable cistern is considered the one which is mounted directly to the bowl. In this case the water is supplied to the tank from below or from the side.

Idea for heated toilet seat

One of the most important qualities of a cistern is its quiet. According to the specialists’ point of view it will better if in the reservoir the water organizes a fountain, and does not flow from the top.

Inteligent heated toilet seat

Talking about the cistern volume, we can’t but mention that the optimal volume is about 6-8 liters. It means that for a flush you will spend at least 6 liters of water. Also it is very convenient to use a flushing mechanism equipped with two buttons. In this case you will be able to regulate the flow from 2 and up to 4 liters. This can significantly save on the water bill. At the same time the water in the bowl refreshes and that is why there is no any smell.

Interesting heated toilet seat


There is a common knowledge that you can choose any seat you like. It is really a matter of the taste. They are really quite different. Somebody prefers the soft ones, another – the hard models.

Interior heated toilet seat

Heated toilet seats are chosen mostly by families with small children or by elderly people.

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Panel of heated toilet seat

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Comfortable heated toilet seat

Hand held bidet fixation

Wall, toilet or perhaps a hand held bidet. What to choose?

To install or not to install a bidet? That is the question, which is not usually discussed by modern designers or architects. Their answer is quite simple: to install, of course.

Economy variant of hand held bidet

The specialists are usually asked by the lucky people with rather big apartments or the happy owners of country houses. The volume of the toilets in these dwellings is sufficient enough to accommodate not just a hand held bidet, but the Jacuzzi, showers with a Turkish bath and even infrared sauna.


The large apartments usually have at least two bathrooms – the guest and owner’s ones. If the guest bathroom is small, it is more convenient to put hygienic shower there. It consists of a small shower head and water switch, which are mounted on the wall next to the toilet, and that is why don’t take any additional space.

Elements of hand held bidet

In recent years, the huge popularity has been taken by a special hand held bidet toilet attachment. It is usually selected by owners of small apartments or houses.

Fragments of hand held bidet

Instead of ordinary lid on a wall or floor toilet the special model of bidet is installed. Valves of cold and hot water, the feeding tube and all control panels are located on the lid, which is separately connected to the water supply and to the socket.

Hand held bidet elements

This lid is able to provide the same functions as the shower toilet. It is also possible to control this bathroom equipment both with the help of the remote control panel and mechanical pedal for foot. However, this type of bidet as an ordinary lid is not suitable for the entire toilet. Sometimes it can be set only on the models of the same manufacturer.

Hand held bidet fixation

What type of bidet would you prefer?

If your bathroom is large, the best choice would be the usual bidet equipped with a faucet. As a rule, it is mounted or suspended not far from toilet bowl.

Hand held bidet sprayer

If the bathroom space is limited, it is possible to install the wall or the floor toilet, combined with a hand held bidet. Do you want to get the simple variant? – Choose the bidet lid then. This budget decision is suitable for those who do not want to spend money on the complete bathroom item.

How does a hand held bidet look like

On the one hand, for less money, you will get more functionality. On the other, such a device is less reliable and is not suitable for all toilets.

Important elements of hand held bidet

Alternative variant. If you want to save even more, forget about bidets and think about hygienic shower. A small shower head on a hose connected to a faucet mounted on the wall next to the toilet and successfully performs the functions of a bidet.

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