Cast iron tub for sale modern interior

Cast iron tub for sale: two leading brands Roca and Oxame

A cast iron bath is a type of classical bathroom equipment, which is considered to be the oldest of all kinds of baths, which are currently produced.

Decorated Roca cast iron tub

Of course, they are heavy, difficult to move, but despite of these disadvantages, cast iron tub for sale has one very important advantage – high heat capacity. For over hundred years cast iron bathtubs have served the public in its primary purpose, in the frames of personal hygiene.

Enameled Roca cast iron tubs

Roca cast iron tubs

The company Roca has had a lot of representation offices in 135 countries, 69 plants and 18 900 employees. That is one of the largest manufacturers of bathroom equipment in the world.

Exciting cast iron tub

Roca cast iron tub for sale is not only the unstained European quality, but also a great element of the interior. They are made from high-strength thin cast iron material, which is resistant to any external actions. The bath wall thickness does not exceed 5 mm, which reduces the weight of the bath significantly.

Exclusive Roca cast iron tubs

To the advantages of the material from which Roca cast iron tubs for sale are made, belong not only strength, but the excellent sound insulation, heat resistance and absolutely smooth surface. This bath enamel is made on the basis of titanium, which is applied to the red-hot cast iron. It provides durability and perfectly smooth covering.


Roca bathtubs are easy to be installed: the ability to adjust the height of the bath allows you to install it even on rough surfaces.

Freestanding cast iron tub

A wide range of models allows you to choose a bath for any interior of your bathroom. The design of Roca bathtubs can not leave indifferent even the most demanding customers who most of all appreciate the warmth and the comfort.

Interior Roca cast iron tubs

This model is a real decoration of any contemporary bathroom.

Oxame cast iron tubs for sale

Oxame Company is the successor of the world-famous company called Porcher. Keeping the production traditions and invariable quality have included these models to the range of the best producers of the bathroom equipment in the world.

Ivory cast iron tub

Oxame cast iron tubs are the baths of perfect quality, created with the help of an exclusive technology and environmentally friendly materials.

Oval cast iron tub

Durability, resistance to external influences, the presence of a special covering that prevents slipping and many other benefits will impress even the most demanding customers. Low thermal conductivity of Oxame bath ensures long preservation of the water temperature, which creates comfort when you are using it.

Roca cast iron tub upper look

The manufacturer’s warranty on Oxame tubs is 25 years, and this isn’t without reasons. Oxame Company is really responsible for the quality of its products

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Cast iron tub for sale modern interior

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