Items for bidet sprayer fixing

Bidet sprayer and the common types of this bathroom equipment

Today bidet sprayer becomes the same common attribute of the bathroom as the sink or toilet.

Bidet sprayer kit

Usually for large premises floor or hung bidets will be suitable, and for small ones, it will be better to install a toilet bowl-bidet or a special lid fixed on a regular bathroom equipment.


In many respects a bidet resembles a toilet seat. But it has a more elongated shape and no cistern, in a place of which there are valves of hot / cold water and a faucet equipped with a special form spout. The last one allows carrying out the procedure for which the bidet is intended.

Bidet sprayer switches

Water can be supplied both from above and under the edge of the bowl. It must be said that the oval shape of the construction is the most convenient and practical one, but it is not mandatory, of course.

Bidet sprayer using

Bidet faucet

As it was mentioned above there are two types of bidet: the floor and the wall one. In the simplest construction of water supply is represented by a twin valve, mounted on the bidet wall. The temperature and the pressure are adjusted as in an ordinary valve.

Combo bidet sprayer

More expensive models are equipped with a thermostat. They maintain the set temperature mode. The only thing you should do is to regulate the pressure.

Exclusive bidet sprayer

There are faucets which are able to create different types of a jet: normal, soft, air-saturated, intense and throbbing. They have various bidet sprayers.

Hand held bidet sprayer

By the way, in the most cases the faucet for wall bidet is taken separately.

Hand held bidet sprayer on tank

As a rule, a bidet and a toilet should create a common ensemble. That’s why the shape of a bidet can be as intricate as a toilet one.

Installation manual of hand bidet

People who have a small bathroom, but do not want to avoid any comfort, can purchase special models, which are called monoblocks. They are represented by toilets, combined with a bidet in a special way: two independent seats with a common connection to the water supply and sewage system.

Items for bidet sprayer fixing

Toilet bidet

That is a hybrid. On the first sight this model is a little different from the usual toilet. However, it is equipped with oversized cistern, in which, in addition to water, there is a special system of electronic management.

Ordinary bidet sprayer

This toilet seat turns into a bidet by pressing a special button. From under the far side of the bowl appears a pipe with a hole from which a fountain is created. The temperature and other parameters are preset automatically.

Package bidet sprayer

The main disadvantage is that in most cases it is necessary to hold the button for the entire time of the bidet sprayer using. Sometimes the water heater is located inside the device. It allows you to connect cold water only.

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