Bathroom fixtures for handicapped

Bathroom fixtures and styles

A lot of problems are usually decided when we choose the proper bathroom fixtures and style. But how to do it in a proper way? That is a real question.


According to the modern specialists’ point of view in this case, you should pay attention to such fashion directions as modern, minimalist and Japanese ethno-style.

Bathroom colors for small bathrooms

All of them are characterized by rational space using, simplicity and minimum number of auxiliary items. Let’s discover every style in details, as all of them deserve our attention.

Bathroom colors gray


Keeping the modern style, you can choose corner bath and small walk-in shower for your bathroom. Do not forget about accessories, of course, but they must be of irregular shape and form. The main advantage of this fashion direction is that it can create a unique bathroom interior without spending much money and time.

Bathroom colors with dark cabinets


Its simple lines characterize maximum space and minimum details. That is a best choice for a small bathroom. Bath or shower must have a smooth outline, if it is of rectangular form, then the angles should be as clear as possible.

Bathroom fixtures and accessories

In this case, the palette of different bright bathroom colors is not allowed. The room interior should be designed in one or two shades.

Japanese motives

Nowadays it is rather popular to create a bathroom in Japanese ethno-style. Just according to its name, you can understand that it won’t be very cheap.

Bathroom fixtures cheap

After all, in order to create any room in the proper atmosphere of this country we have to use only natural materials, for example, silk, rice paper and, of course, fine wood.
And of course you can make something by your own hands. For example, bright painted glass candlesticks.

Bathroom fixtures discount

They will bring a little romance to the room. If the flat owners have preferred the bath, not a shower, it is requested to look for a curtain with Japanese letters.

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Bathroom fixtures for handicapped

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