Cheap bathroom cabinets vanities

Discount bathroom cabinets and their varieties

Modern discount bathroom cabinets as well as the expensive ones have a great number of different varieties. You can choose everything you like. But all in all these important pieces of furniture should be divided into four main types.


Let’s discover all of them in details.

Cheap bathroom cabinets in dallas tx

Standard bathroom cabinets

It is a standard solution that is suitable for any bathroom. Inside you can successfully arrange all the cosmetics, which is currently in use.Choosing the expensive or cheap bathroom cabinets of this type you should give the special attention to their sizes.

Cheap bathroom cabinets steel mirror

Why? – The matter is that everything depends on the place of its installation. If you are planning to hang your cabinet over the sink, its width must correspond to the width of the washbasin or tables on which it is installed.

Corner wall cabinet

This unusual approach to the furniture production allows you to use the space, which as a rule remains spare. There are no problems with this bathroom cabinet arrangement. In most cases you can arrange it in any corner you like and keep a lot of space as a result.

Cheap bathroom cabinets vanities

Horizontal wall cabinet

Unlike all other models of the wall bathroom furniture, horizontal cabinet offers the convenience of its operation. Thanks to its low height you do not have to reach for everyday items, which are located on the upper shelves. It is easy to use even for small children and old people.

Discount bathroom cabinets and vanities

Mirrored bathroom cabinet

A separate type of furnishings include wall mirror bathroom cabinet. It can be both standard and angular, and sometimes even horizontal.

Discount bathroom cabinets in dallas texas

Its main advantage is a mirror door. Placed above the sink this cabinet is able to replace a mirror and in such a way to save extra space in the bathroom. The only disadvantage is that you always have to keep it clean and transparent.

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Cheap bathroom cabinets vanities

Cast iron pedestal tub in two shades

Advantages and disadvantages of cast iron pedestal tub

In order to create beautiful curves lines, numerous steps, bathtubs and other decorative elements, you will require a fairly large bathroom area.

Cast iron pedestal tub in two colors

Nevertheless, the necessity for pedestal construction may occur even in a typical apartment bathroom. Why? What is a secret of its popularity? – The matter is that this element can fulfill a lot of different functions.

Cast iron pedestal tub in two shades

Simple and useful solution for the bathroom

Actually it is not very difficult to create an unusual and beautiful bathroom, especially in that case when its size allows imagination roam. Each specialist, who develops interior design, will tell you that for the bathroom transformation you don’t need to break down the walls or to take any other drastic measures.


Are you ready to get the dramatic results? – Build a pedestal bath, then. This is one of the most successful architectural solutions.

Cast iron pedestal tub

From a visual point of view, the pedestal is necessary because it hides utility lines; therefore a step in the bathroom often appears not only for “cosmetic”, but also for technical reasons.

Cozy cast iron pedestal tub

Special features of cast iron pedestal tub

First of all we can’t but mention that the specificity of the pedestal mounting and its dimensions require careful preparation. The most popular pedestals are of frame, monolithic and modular designs.

Dark interior and cast iron pedestal tub

Frame construction is put in a U-shape, using galvanized steel and moisture resistant plasterboard. As the plasterboard is not able to support the weight of the bath filled with water, it is mounted to the floor. In this case feet or frame are used.

Elegant cast iron pedestal tub

Cast iron pedestal tub: interior solution and mounting

By the way, not everybody knows that you can build a tub pedestal of the bars. They should be treated with antiseptic and have good waterproofing properties.

Freestanding cast iron pedestal tub

At the end of the pedestal it is necessary to make the special door to get to the utility lines, which are disguised to the color of the entire construction.

Interesting cast iron pedestal tub

The height of the pedestal depends on the technical requirements. But there are cases when a high pedestal becomes a decorative object.

Master cast iron pedestal tub

Strong and massive pedestal is done using rock or monolith. A simpler variant is represented by hollow construction made of plaster or concrete blocks. In this case, the disadvantage is the great weight of the plants (about 350 kg).

Modern bathroom cast iron pedestal tub

Disadvantages of the cast iron pedestal tub

The minus of the pedestal design is the increased risk of injury. Bathroom itself is a zone of high risk, and the emergence of steps and sharp corners may lead to additional injuries. So installing a pedestal, first of all, we need to think about the safety of all family members.

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Oval cast iron pedestal tub

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Romantic cast iron pedestal tub

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Additional shelf and cast iron pedestal tub

Cast iron pedestal tub in the corner

Discount bath vanities in st. louis

Choose discount bathroom vanity for your bathroom

When people decide to change their interior they can never leave their bathroom without attention. In Japanese culture bathroom is one of the most important rooms that should always stay clean and neat.

Discount bathroom vanity cabinets

Of course any bathroom vanity could help you store some items and supplies, and make the whole room look organized. Yet don’t rush head over heels into buying one without measuring the dimensions of your bathroom.

Discount bathroom vanity combo

You should also remember that if you’re low on budget you can purchase discount bathroom vanity for your room, just make sure to buy from reliable online sellers and shops.

Discount bathroom vanity countertops

And don’t worry, no matter what style your bathroom is decorated in or whether it’s big or small, you’ll surely find one that will fit in. Here you can choose which style suits you best.


Bathroom vanities with tops

The most difficult part about buying a vanity with countertop is fitting that top into the interior. Just make sure that the texture naturally mixes with the rest of the design features and you’ll have no trouble with it.

Discount bathroom vanity lights

Modern bathroom vanities

If your bathroom is stylized in some contemporary design, like minimalist style for example, then you just need to remember that among the discount bath vanities you might see you should pick the one that has the most simple and functional design. That’s the key characteristic of contemporary aesthetics and elegance.

Discount bathroom vanity sets

Double sink vanity

Sometimes it might take really long for your partner, the member of your family or simply a roommate to wash their face and brush their teeth. So there appears the need for a double sink!

Discount bathroom vanity tops

Or you can built a second bathroom, but I think that double sink vanity will be much cheaper. And modern designs not only appear to look nice but are also really handy!

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Bath and kitchen remodeling

General rules for bathroom makeovers

Are you going to do some bathroom makeovers? Have you already had any special plan? – We will give you some pieces of advice for small bathroom.


First of all mind that organizing this room you create it as laconic as possible. The same thing concerns the equipment. Thus, the toilet and sink must be rather compact. First of all pay attention to the simplest styles, as they are not overloaded with decorative elements.

Photo of castle kitchen and bath remodeling

When you are planning the kitchen and bath remodeling, you should pay attention to every detail. Usually people mind the size of the objects, but their color is also very important.

Complete kitchen and bath remodeling

If you want to enlarge your room visually, according to the traditional designers’ point of view it is necessary to choose mostly glossy surfaces of light shades. However, there is no need to create the interior in one tone. An excellent choice will be a combination of two shades of the same color.

Look at this Evans kitchen and bath remodeling

But mind that the lighter tone should be prevailed.

Globe bath and kitchen remodeling

No matter whether your bathroom is big or small, in any case the interior will be incomplete without a mirror. It won’t only perform a utilitarian function, but will expand the space visually. In order to achieve this result choose as big mirror as it is possible. You will be really surprised by the effect.

Photo of Hilton head kitchen and bath remodeling

Bathroom is often finished with tiles. For small rooms it is better to choose a rectangular shape of medium size with a light glossy surface. In oder to stretch the room visually, place the tile horizontally.

Kitchen and bath remodeling atlanta

Avoid volume lampshades as well as lamps. Instead of this, choose spotlights.

But without ay decor your bathroom will look unattractive and cold. Naturally, a small room doesn’t have to have a great amount of ornaments, but some bright accents are necessary.

Kitchen and bath remodeling by contractors

Frankly speaking, one elemet will be enough. This may be an ornament on the mirror or a mosaic on the walls.

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Bath and kitchen remodeling

Bathroom interior design for large premise

How much does a cast iron tub weigh and how can we use it in the modern interior?

According to the specialists’ point of view, you have to pay a great attention to your bathroom interior. Why? –

Classy bathroom interior design

Because it is an important place where people relax after a busy day. In order to turn your bathroom into a cozy place for soul and body relaxation, you should take care of its style. Of course, creating the bathroom interior with your hands, it is necessary to follow the harmony with the overall design.

Dark bathroom interior design

Actual materials for bathroom decoration

Tiles are considered to be the most popular and reliable finishes for the bathroom. In this case the properties of the tile play a great role. It is durable and versatile because it can simulate natural materials. As to the cost ceramic tiles is the most accessible one.


As to the mosaic, it is the most practical material which usually solves the problem of uneven surfaces and is laid on them easily.

Glamour bathroom interior design

All in all the mosaic layout is the easiest way to create the interior of the desired characteristics and flavor. Accordingly, ceramic tile does not compete with a mosaic in terms of self-expanding individual design ideas.

Great bathroom interior design

How much does a cast iron tub weigh? Don’t you know it? Choose the tiles then, it will suit any weight.

Mosaic in the bathroom is the perfect solution

Fashion for organic materials has already spread to the interior of the bathroom. So for the walls and floor tiles it became possible to use the special wood treated with modern technologies.

Light bathroom interior design

The style of the bathroom: from classical to postmodern directions

Classic style is introduced by modest light-colored tiles in combination with a majestic marble texture. Pay attention, that the decorative panels and borders will be appropriate.

Luxury bathroom interior design

Ethno style is represented by finishing of stone or wood or their combinations. In this case it doesn’t matter how much a cast iron tub weigh. – For example, with the help of wicker accessories, you can create the perfect bathroom interior even in the smallest bathroom.

Modern bathroom interior design

Minimalism is primarily a freedom from a great number of unnecessary things. For such a finish you can use glass, steel or even plastic.

Podium bathroom interior design

Modern is an ideal direction for a small bath. Here it is desirably to take different lighting and stylized mirrors. Even the tub can be laid by mirror.

Romantic bathroom interior design

Provence is usually represented by warm pastel colors and floral ornaments. The main condition is a presence of “antique” furniture decor and natural facing materials.

Rustic bathroom interior design

Hi-tech is the variant, when, at first you think that this premise is completely unsuitable for recreation. And only the most experienced people know of the convenience of high-tech, which automates all the conditions for perfect relaxation.

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Two baday toilet

Why do we need baday toilet?

Baday toilet is represented by a small bath or a low sink, and is considered to be as hygiene bathroom equipment as for example, a washbasin.

Baday toilet in small premise

The difference lies in the fact that in bidet water does not flow downward as from the tap, but like a fountain up from the bottom. Using this fountain can replace us a toilet paper.


This equipment is mainly used in European countries. For example, in Spain, Italy and France it is installed in almost every home. The same can be said about some Asian countries. The most popularity bidet has got in Japan, there it can be found not only in residential homes, but even in the greatest part of hotels.

Baday toilet in the bathroom

So, as we can see, this is a well-known fixture for the bathroom, which is usually used in addition to the toilet. By the way bidet is sometimes called as hygiene shower. Like a shower it has hot and cold water, and the necessary temperature can be regulated by mixing faucet.

Baday toilet

Where are bidet sanitary equipments usually arranged? – According to the specialists’ point of view, it will be better to set it in the bathroom and near the toilet. But it should be noted that setting a bidet can be accompanied by some difficulties. Perhaps in order to set a bidet you will need to do a re-planning.

Bathroom bidet toilet

Bidet allows us to maintain personal hygiene. However, one should also keep in mind that this equipment also requires regular and timely care. Many people compare a bidet with ordinary toilet. It is nothing but a mistake. In fact, it is more correct to compare this device with a bath or a sink.

Bidet and a square toilet

Modern bidet can perform a variety of different functions. For example, you can use it for washing your feet. Generally, a bidet is a very comfortable bath, which can be used for bathing the babies. This equipment is a useful and necessary thing for those who have difficulty with taking the bathroom. That is why it is often used by elderly people, whose physical activity is sometimes restricted. Also it is very convenient to use a bidet by those who have any injuries which do not allow taking a shower.

Bidet seat

But how to take it in a proper way? – Many people believe that it is much more convenient to sit back to the taps. Generally, this is a matter of taste. Everyone decides how to use the bidet. But you shouldn’t think that after buying a bidet you will take it instead of having a shower or a bath.

Ceramic bidet toilet

A bidet can be often found in hospitals. This bathroom equipment helps sick men or women to maintain personal hygiene that is really very important.

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Contemporary baday toilet

Electronic bidet toilet

Exclusive bidet toilet

Floor mount baday toilet

Modern Baday toilet

Modern bidet toilet

Remote bidet toilet

Toilet seat bidet

Two baday toilet

White baday toilet

Baday toilet close look

Baday toilet equipment

Best Bathroom Shower Stalls

Choosing the best shower stalls

There are so many variants to pick a shower enclosure today, that is becomes difficult to choose the best shower stalls among offered at the market units.

Best Corner Shower Stalls

If you come to any store selling the stuff for bathrooms, you will be offered to look through all of the existing models available on sale. Never refuse from an advice of a store specialist if he offers his help watching you hesitating in making a choice.

Best Fiberglass Shower Stalls

However, some tips given here will help you to choose a shower unit. There are several trusted brands which always deal with the high quality stuff. Kohler company is among them.

Best One Piece Shower Stalls

Over 100 years Kohler company has been manufacturing the best shower enclosures which are made from acrylic or fiberglass. DreamLine units were called number of times the best shower cubicles.

Best Place To Buy Shower Stalls

Sterling Plumbing shower kits and stand up shower stalls got the best marks and positive reviews from the specialists and users. Sterling Plumbing uses Vikrell material in creating its showers. Vikrell provides the best lifespan of shower enclosures.

Best Prefab Shower Stalls

The most popular materials which are used to make the best shower cabins (besides fiberglass and acrylic) are tempered glass and granite. Granite unit looks absolutely gorgeous.

Best Prefabricated Shower Stalls

As granit material is available in different colors, it makes any bathroom absolutely unique, giving it a rich and stable look. Tempered glass is very strong and durable. It is a wonderful choice for the homes with contemporary interior.

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Best Bath Shower StallsBest Bathroom Shower Stalls

Legend Victorian bathroom

How to create Victorian bathroom

Initially interior Victorian style appeared in the second half of the XIX century in England during the reign of Queen Victoria. And immediately it turns into the real synonym to the sense of taste, respectability and stability in any sphere of life.

Flower design in Victorian bathroom

Victorian bathroom is usually a lush and cozy premise in the corresponding style. According to the designers’ point of view it can be an ideal choice for the country house owners.


And now we’ll show you how to achieve the right effect. The only thing you should do is to follow six simple rules.

Legend Victorian bathroom

  1. Spacious area for creation

There were a great number of different pieces of furniture and decor in any room of Victorian house. And, of course, the bathroom was not exclusion. Sometimes it happened that the full-size living rooms were taken as a premise for washing.

Minimalist Victorian bathroom

  1. Dark wood finish

In the Victorian era dark tones for wood were used very widely in the interior. Wooden frames and doors, bathroom furniture made of wood of dark shades or materials imitating it were quite available. But nowadays if you think that the whole wooden door will look too heavy, you can decorate it with inlays of stained or painted glass.

Posh Victorian bathroom

  1. Floral prints

Today, you can choose beautiful wallpaper with floral prints. This type of decoration is rather resistant to moisture and steam, and, of course, absolutely safe for our health. If you prefer a tile, then choose the elements of the moderate shape (for example, small squares) and classic colors such as white and ivory, combined with black or dark green.

Sinks in Victorian bathroom

  1. The red and green duo

The most common colors of Victorian bathroom are red as well as its saturated tones (such as burgundy, terracotta, brick and dark pink) and green of dark tones (the color of moss and emerald). However, they must not conflict with each other. The fashion for a combination of red and green came much later.

Sophisticated Victorian bathroom

  1. Retro motifs

Bathroom equipment in retro style fits perfectly in the Victorian interior. It should involve a high toilet cistern, a cast iron bath with claw-foot lion’s legs, a pedestal sink and porcelain faucets with brass valves.

Victorian bathroom decor

  1. Elegant accessories

Hooks, towel holders, cups for toothbrushes, soap dishes, waste baskets can be made of glass, metal (for instance, copper, brass) or gold painted porcelain.

Victorian bathroom decoration

In general, “Victorian” is more like a private living room, so you can decorate it with textiles (curtains or furniture draperies) and safely place here lamps, vases, paintings, and even the artificial fire-place and chair.

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Victorian bathroom in a big house

Victorian bathroom in large premises

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Amazing Victorian bathroom

Exclusive Victorian bathroom

Small Japanese toilet seat

Japanese toilet seat and the type of the toilet flush

So, you have bought a modern Japanese toilet seat. Or perhaps you are just going to purchase it. Of course, your choice is ideal. It is very important to have modern, comfortable, and high-quality bathroom equipment at home.

Covers for Japanese toilet seat

But have you already thought about the toilet bowl to which you should install your seat? That is a really important question, which has to be discussed from the very beginning.

Decorated Japanese toilet seat


Nowadays according to the specialists’ point of view the most reliable is flushing mechanism in which the button is pushed inwardly, not pulled out. Apparently this is due to the fact that, pulling, we put great effort, causing different kinds of damages.

Equipped Japanese toilet seat


What about smells? It is of common knowledge that any bathroom and toilet have to be cleaned regularly. And if you don’t want to turn your cleaning into boring and endless activity, the experts recommend choosing your bathroom equipment properly. There are many different materials for making toilets, but today the most common are porcelain and faience.


Sanitary ware is cheaper than products made of porcelain, but they are less durable. Porcelain has less porous structure, it absorbs smells and dirt less and that is why you can clean it easily.

Exclusuve Japanese toilet seat

Porcelain equipment will serve you from 50-60 years, whereas sanitary ware only 30-40. However, nowadays modern manufacturers began to use new technologies firing sanitary ware. It reduced its porosity, and thus prolongs the service life.

Interesting Japanese toilet seat

Would you like something unusual? What about installing your Japanese toilet seat on the bowl made of gold, silver or even stone bathroom equipment instead of using the same boring sanitary ware? Oh, that is not a problem, but you should be rather careful choosing unusual type of material.

Interior Japanese toilet seat

For example, despite of all the beauty and monumentality, stone has several disadvantages that make using of the toilet quite impossible. Natural stone absorbs odors and dirt; moreover, it requires special care and expensive restoration.

Interior modern Japanese toilet seat

If you really want this type for your Japanese toilet seat, you can order a bowl made of artificial stone, which almost doesn’t have any drawbacks except one – its artificiality.

Japanese toilet buttons

Toilet bowl made of stainless steel is considered to be inexpensive and rather original one. These toilets are appreciated for strength, but put usually in public places.

Japanese toilet seat buttons

Lightweight plastic meets the requirements of hygiene and has a high safety factor, but requires special care. Choosing it, you won’t be able to use any abrasive and hard brushes; otherwise the surface of your toilet will be scratched. Besides it, acrylic products can not stand high temperatures.

Japanese toilet seat in narrow toilet

So that is up to you to decide which toilet seat to choose. According to the specialists’ point of view, its color, size and shape are not very important.

Japanese toilet seat lid

The main thing is that it should be comfortable, because every morning, any man does not begin with coffee as advertisers tell. He or she begins the day from going to the toilet, so try to make this starting comfortable.

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Controls of a Japanese washlet

Manual Japanese toilet seat

Modern Japanese toilet seat

Panel Japanese toilet seat

Small Japanese toilet seat

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Comtemporary Japanese toilet

Contemporary Japanese toilet seat

Heated toilet seat review

Do we need a heated toilet seat?

That is a question, which is usually asked by modern customers. If you want to get an answer it is recommended to discover the construction of your toilet as thoroughly as it is possible.

Contemporary heated toilet seat

Nowadays when there are a lot of models, people often choose a so-called monoblock structure, in which the cistern and the bowl are represented like one unit. This type has many advantages. – First of all, installing it, you won’t have any leakage risks. And it looks rather harmoniously.

Electronic heated toilet seat with bidet

However, the monoblock requires a large space, also in case of cistern or bowl problems you will have to dismantle and replace the entire structure.


Another variant will be suitable for the owners of large houses or apartments. – In this case you can set a toilet combined with a bidet. Manufacturers offer ready-made kits, which are made in a single design, and you can only choose one that will fit into the interior of your bathroom.

Electronic heated toilet seat


If the external dimensions are clear, let’s discover the bowl. This structure should be considered carefully, as the shape of the bowl has a direct impact on the water flush as well as on the comfort using.

Enlarged heated toilet seat

Disc bowl is a somewhat outdated variant; however, it is indispensable for the owners of cats. Why? – The matter is that your pet can also use it. However, it is not very comfortable because of smell spreading.

Enlonged heated toilet seat

In the visor bowls the water goes smoothly at an angle, so nothing will not linger. The funnel-shaped bowls have a steep descent, contributing to an immediate cleansing of the bowl, but the flushing water can be sprayed easily.

Heated toilet seat night light


Cast iron cistern on a long pipe is rather popular and can be seen by everybody. Inside these modern models of toilets have the latest equipment. Another type of cistern fastening is with the help of the collar, when the cistern is hung over the toilet. These cisterns are usually made of plastic.

Heated toilet seat review

But the most reliable cistern is considered the one which is mounted directly to the bowl. In this case the water is supplied to the tank from below or from the side.

Idea for heated toilet seat

One of the most important qualities of a cistern is its quiet. According to the specialists’ point of view it will better if in the reservoir the water organizes a fountain, and does not flow from the top.

Inteligent heated toilet seat

Talking about the cistern volume, we can’t but mention that the optimal volume is about 6-8 liters. It means that for a flush you will spend at least 6 liters of water. Also it is very convenient to use a flushing mechanism equipped with two buttons. In this case you will be able to regulate the flow from 2 and up to 4 liters. This can significantly save on the water bill. At the same time the water in the bowl refreshes and that is why there is no any smell.

Interesting heated toilet seat


There is a common knowledge that you can choose any seat you like. It is really a matter of the taste. They are really quite different. Somebody prefers the soft ones, another – the hard models.

Interior heated toilet seat

Heated toilet seats are chosen mostly by families with small children or by elderly people.

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Model of heated toilet seat

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Panel of heated toilet seat

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Custom bathroom vanity cabinets in a house

Small tips for custom bathroom vanity organization

Perhaps the bathroom vanity unit is not the most important and functional part of this room, but as a rule if you don’t spend enough time for choosing this piece of furniture, it will spoil even the most stylish interior design.

Custom bathroom vanity cabinets in a house

So what should we take into account when we are choosing a custom bathroom vanity for our house or flat?


There are some definite points. Let’s discuss each of them in details.

Custom bathroom vanity cabinets in two shades

Proper arrangement

Choose a special place for your bathroom vanity, minding that it should be situated quite far from the main areas of active movement.

Custom bathroom vanity cabinets storage places

This area must also be placed at a sufficient distance from the door. Otherwise it will interfere with the opening. Do not forget about the cleaning moments, because sometimes it may be rather difficult to service this piece of furniture.

Custom bathroom vanity for small bathrooms

If your vanity has outward opening doors, think in advance whether they will not be a source of discomfort in the open position.

Custom bathroom vanity in white shade

Among other things, also pay attention to all the project details that will be located nearby. For example, many people forget about a window or a mirror. Also mind, please, the shelves, which should be easily accessible and convenient to use.

Exclusive custom bathroom vanity

The most suitable materials

Take into account the fact that your custom bathroom vanity is located in an area of high humidity. It means that the materials, from which it is made, play a very important role. – Of course, they must be water-resistant and durable.

How to arrange everything in custom bathroom vanity

If you chose the wooden one, make sure it is treated with special detergents in order to protect against external influences, as even the most durable lacquer is not an absolute protection of the wood.

Modern custom bathroom vanity cabinets

The proper size for the bathroom vanity

Remember that the vanity size should not be something like a random choice. It must always be related to the size of the bathroom as a whole. Never try to arrange a large piece of furniture in the tiny bathroom, even in that case when your goal is to have a maximum of storage space; this idea will bring you nothing more than some discomfort. Designers advise to start with an ordinary item, the traditional parameters of which are D53 cm x W60 cm. Only if the size of the bathroom makes it possible, increase the vanity size.

Modern custom bathroom vanity cabinets

This factor is really very important. Choosing the proper vanity height, first of all it is necessary to think who will be using it. Typically, the height of 80 cm is optimal, but some designers advise to “try on” a vanity, which is a bit higher – 86-88 cm.

Modern custom bathroom vanity

The space inside the custom bathroom vanity

The space inside the vanity is usually filled with different things. But only a few people think that the inner surface can also be very well used.

Modest custom bathroom vanity cabinets

For example, if you want to store your hair dryer and other electrical appliances arrange them on the custom bathroom vanity door.

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Oak custom bathroom vanity

Romantic custom bathroom vanity cabinets

Sophisticated custom bathroom vanity cabinetsSophisticated custom bathroom vanity

Storage places in custom bathroom vanity

Vintage custom bathroom vanity

White custom bathroom vanity

Attractive custom bathroom vanity

Contemporary custom bathroom vanity cabinets

Hand held bidet fixation

Wall, toilet or perhaps a hand held bidet. What to choose?

To install or not to install a bidet? That is the question, which is not usually discussed by modern designers or architects. Their answer is quite simple: to install, of course.

Economy variant of hand held bidet

The specialists are usually asked by the lucky people with rather big apartments or the happy owners of country houses. The volume of the toilets in these dwellings is sufficient enough to accommodate not just a hand held bidet, but the Jacuzzi, showers with a Turkish bath and even infrared sauna.


The large apartments usually have at least two bathrooms – the guest and owner’s ones. If the guest bathroom is small, it is more convenient to put hygienic shower there. It consists of a small shower head and water switch, which are mounted on the wall next to the toilet, and that is why don’t take any additional space.

Elements of hand held bidet

In recent years, the huge popularity has been taken by a special hand held bidet toilet attachment. It is usually selected by owners of small apartments or houses.

Fragments of hand held bidet

Instead of ordinary lid on a wall or floor toilet the special model of bidet is installed. Valves of cold and hot water, the feeding tube and all control panels are located on the lid, which is separately connected to the water supply and to the socket.

Hand held bidet elements

This lid is able to provide the same functions as the shower toilet. It is also possible to control this bathroom equipment both with the help of the remote control panel and mechanical pedal for foot. However, this type of bidet as an ordinary lid is not suitable for the entire toilet. Sometimes it can be set only on the models of the same manufacturer.

Hand held bidet fixation

What type of bidet would you prefer?

If your bathroom is large, the best choice would be the usual bidet equipped with a faucet. As a rule, it is mounted or suspended not far from toilet bowl.

Hand held bidet sprayer

If the bathroom space is limited, it is possible to install the wall or the floor toilet, combined with a hand held bidet. Do you want to get the simple variant? – Choose the bidet lid then. This budget decision is suitable for those who do not want to spend money on the complete bathroom item.

How does a hand held bidet look like

On the one hand, for less money, you will get more functionality. On the other, such a device is less reliable and is not suitable for all toilets.

Important elements of hand held bidet

Alternative variant. If you want to save even more, forget about bidets and think about hygienic shower. A small shower head on a hose connected to a faucet mounted on the wall next to the toilet and successfully performs the functions of a bidet.

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Installation manual of hand held bidet

Luxury sprayer hand held bidet

Modern shower of hand held bidet

Modern sprayer of hand held bidet

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Shower of hand held bidet

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Details for hand held bidet