Contemporary ceramic sink

Advantages and disadvantages of ceramic sinks

We can’t but mention that nowadays the ceramic sinks are considered to be the most popular ones for the modern bathrooms. It means that a lot of peple all over the world choose this model. And that is really for a good reason.

Contemporary ceramic sink

Ceramic sinks can be made of two kinds of materials: porcelain or faience. In outward appearance such pieces of furniture have no any special differences.


As to the quality, the ceramic sinks made of porcelain are considered to be rather better than the faience ones. But they will cost you much more.

Cool vessel ceramic sink

All in all porcelain is a very strong material. Ceramic sinks made of porcelain are easy to be cleaned and they are environmentally friendly. In addition, this type does not have any natural cracks and roughness, which can be used to accumulate dirt.

Cross handle ceramic sink

Faience bathroom equipment is worse because this material has a greater porosity. Because of this reason, its surface should be covered by a special glazed covering. The only disadvantages of any ceramic sink are that they are very fragile and have a relatively high weight.

Design ceramic sink

Ceramic sinks have a number of positive features, which are considered to be unique, as not every sink made of another material has them.

Design ceramic sink

Let’s discuss some of them.

  • environmentally friendly;
  • do not have the specific smell;
  • scratch-resistant;
  • are highly resistant to chemicals, you can clean them by different detergents;
  • resistant to temperature changes;
  • high stain-resistant properties;
  • sound-proof, you will not hear the noise of water falling on it;
  • ceramic sink is smooth, very pleasant to the touch;
  • has a wide spectrum of colors, the colors are kept firmly on the sink and do not fade in the sun;
  • decorative finish is available. You can create it in the form of paintings or ornaments, which will perfectly fit any interior style.

Gray ceramic sink in tile bathroom

And, of course, in addition to the advantages, ceramic sinks have some minute disadvantages:

  • they are rather heavy, and that is why it can be difficult to set them. One person won’t be able to do this;
  • there can be some cracks, formed by hit, but this hit should be rather strong;
  • high price.

Ideas for ceramic sink

If you approach the ceramic sink selection properly, all the shortcomings can be minimized because according to the specialists’ point of view, they are really minor. The only exception is the cost, but this bathroom equipmet worth it, as the quality of ceramic sinks is excellent.

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Ceramic sink in the modern bathroom

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