Cast iron pedestal tub in two shades

Advantages and disadvantages of cast iron pedestal tub

In order to create beautiful curves lines, numerous steps, bathtubs and other decorative elements, you will require a fairly large bathroom area.

Cast iron pedestal tub in two colors

Nevertheless, the necessity for pedestal construction may occur even in a typical apartment bathroom. Why? What is a secret of its popularity? – The matter is that this element can fulfill a lot of different functions.

Cast iron pedestal tub in two shades

Simple and useful solution for the bathroom

Actually it is not very difficult to create an unusual and beautiful bathroom, especially in that case when its size allows imagination roam. Each specialist, who develops interior design, will tell you that for the bathroom transformation you don’t need to break down the walls or to take any other drastic measures.


Are you ready to get the dramatic results? – Build a pedestal bath, then. This is one of the most successful architectural solutions.

Cast iron pedestal tub

From a visual point of view, the pedestal is necessary because it hides utility lines; therefore a step in the bathroom often appears not only for “cosmetic”, but also for technical reasons.

Cozy cast iron pedestal tub

Special features of cast iron pedestal tub

First of all we can’t but mention that the specificity of the pedestal mounting and its dimensions require careful preparation. The most popular pedestals are of frame, monolithic and modular designs.

Dark interior and cast iron pedestal tub

Frame construction is put in a U-shape, using galvanized steel and moisture resistant plasterboard. As the plasterboard is not able to support the weight of the bath filled with water, it is mounted to the floor. In this case feet or frame are used.

Elegant cast iron pedestal tub

Cast iron pedestal tub: interior solution and mounting

By the way, not everybody knows that you can build a tub pedestal of the bars. They should be treated with antiseptic and have good waterproofing properties.

Freestanding cast iron pedestal tub

At the end of the pedestal it is necessary to make the special door to get to the utility lines, which are disguised to the color of the entire construction.

Interesting cast iron pedestal tub

The height of the pedestal depends on the technical requirements. But there are cases when a high pedestal becomes a decorative object.

Master cast iron pedestal tub

Strong and massive pedestal is done using rock or monolith. A simpler variant is represented by hollow construction made of plaster or concrete blocks. In this case, the disadvantage is the great weight of the plants (about 350 kg).

Modern bathroom cast iron pedestal tub

Disadvantages of the cast iron pedestal tub

The minus of the pedestal design is the increased risk of injury. Bathroom itself is a zone of high risk, and the emergence of steps and sharp corners may lead to additional injuries. So installing a pedestal, first of all, we need to think about the safety of all family members.

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Modern cast iron pedestal tub

Oval cast iron pedestal tub

Romantic and light cast iron pedestal tub

Romantic cast iron pedestal tub

Sophisticated cast iron pedestal tub

Unusual cast iron pedestal tub

Vintage cast iron pedestal tub

White cast iron pedestal tub

Additional shelf and cast iron pedestal tub

Cast iron pedestal tub in the corner

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