Ada Handicap Shower Stalls

ADA shower stalls requirements

When we talk about ADA shower stalls we mean the special handicap shower constrictions which are designed for those people who meet some problems to take a usual shower. It may happen due to a person’s age or his health problems.

Ada Prefab Shower Stalls

The ADA abbreviation stands for “Americans with Disabilities Act” which was taken in 1990. According to ADA each one person who has some disabilities have the same rights with the other persons.

Ada Shower Stall 60 X 30

It means that any ADA shower enclosure is constructed the way so that any person with limited physical abilities should not feel any inconveniences when taking a shower or any other water procedures. Such a special handicap unit has an ADA shower seat of a proper height and width.

Ada Shower Stall American Standard

The seat should be rather sturdy to support large weight (at least 250 pounds). These ADA seats should meet special requirements. The top of the seat has to be placed 17-19 inches from the floor of the shower stall, it must not be installed too close to the door of the shower. The same requirements have been used for ADA shower pans.

Ada Shower Stall Grab Bars

First of all, the floor surface has to be anti-slippery. The level of the base should be equal to the floor in the bathroom. This will let the wheelchair rolling in and out with no problems.

Ada Shower Stall Home Depot

Each shower unit, especially if it is a compact stand alone shower stall should have a grab bar. It is done to help a disabled person taking the water procedures with no problems and with no fear to slip and get into trouble.

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Ada Shower Stall Layout

Ada Shower Stalls Fiberglass

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