Custom bathroom double vanities

How to choose the custom bathroom vanities

How to choose the custom bathroom vanities<? – That is the question, which is rather interesting for those who are repairing their house or flat.


For a long period of time it was thought that the sink design is something constant and cannot be changed. Just some years ago people were sure that irregular shape of vanities as well as a sink would definitely break their functions.

Custom bathroom double vanities

But the practice has denied it. And nowadays there are a lot of popular and exclusive models. Classic and avant-garde are quite different concepts.

Custom bathroom vanities and cabinets

The modern market offers a wide variety of variants. But how to choose the clearance bathroom vanities?

Custom bathroom vanities designs

Set your sink when the bathroom repair has already been finished. In this case you will avoid possible scratches and cracks.

Custom bathroom vanities ideas

Try not to make a mistake in the vanities choosing. Remember that first of all you will need to make a design project pointing out it all sizes. The proper height is very important.

Custom bathroom vanities with makeup area

Determine the size of the vanities. Not all models have standard volumes. The range of clearance bathroom vanities is introduced by different variants from 32 and up to 250 centimeters!

Custom modern bathroom vanities

Therefore, you must accurately measure a place where there will be a sink; otherwise there is a risk that it just does not fit in the provided space.

Custom wood bathroom vanities

Pay attention to the ease of use. It is much more comfortable to wash your hands without any fear that the water will drop to the floor. Hence, sometimes there is a desire to choose a spacious large sink and vanities.

Look at this custom made bathroom vanities

When you are buying something take a tape measure, as in many stores there are no specified sizes. It will be rather pity if your sink can’t be set because of one excess centimeter.

Photo of custom built bathroom vanities

So, when choosing this piece of furniture takes into account the following details:

  • size of the bathroom;
  • type of water supply;
  • sink dimensions;
  • shape;
  • fastening system;
  • overfill protection;
  • sink mixer position.

When you consider all the aspects mentioned above, it will be much easier to understand what you need, what model is better for your bathroom.

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Unique custom bathroom vanities

Clearance bathroom vanities from home depot

Clearance bathroom vanities with tops

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